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Date created: 2017-02-06
Name: beachgirl
Location: Ridgewood, NJ
Model: Maple Greystone

Satisfaction Rating:
1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"Scratches, Scratches, Scratches"
I have had my floors installed for about 3 months when I noticed scratches everywhere. I purchased the maple greystone and they were supposed to be one of the highest hardness levels. I have had bamboo floors that withstand more than these. These were the most expensive. I have contacted the company for help and am waiting to hear back. I wish I had found this page prior to purchasing.

Date created: 2016-11-04
Name: Rita
Location: CA

Satisfaction Rating:
2 of 5 stars Somewhat Unsatisfied

"Not worth the money"
Mirage is the most expensive engineered hardwood flooring. They don't make risers neither stair threads. The boards are not the same length: long, medium and short. There are only about 5-6 long boards per box so it's not even enough to do the stairs. If you want your stairs to have long boards, you will need to order a lot extra. We have installed the floor about a month ago and they all covered with scratches already. Nice floor but not worth the money.

Date created: 2016-08-27
Name: Jean Bragg
Location: Pennsylvania

Satisfaction Rating:
1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"I Could Cry"
Several months ago we had Mirage yellow (auburn) pre-finished solid hardwood installed in our new kitchen, dining room and hallway. We purchased our floor through a local dealer and Mirage came highly recommended. Since my husband and I knew absolutely nothing about hardwood, we relied on their help in choosing the best floor. Within a week of installation my beautiful floor had deep scratches, indents and all kinds of marks! Just about anything that hits the floor marks it, including a spoon! My floor looks absolutely awful! Incidentally, my children are grown and we have no pets! I contacted customer service and was told that because it was hardwood I should expect scratches and indents. She suggested I place rugs over the floors! After spending all that money on hardwood that was her solution! Are you kidding me! We are now stuck with nasty looking floors in our beautiful new kitchen... I could cry!

Date created: 2016-08-15
Name: A. Nelson
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Model: Sweet Memories

Satisfaction Rating:
5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

"Select the texture that suits your household"
People seem to forget that if you select a wood that has gloss and does not have texture you will see everything no matter what wood you select - I have read the reviews and can't seem to wonder - what were they thinking. Sweet Memories is one of their lines that have texture and low lustre - very easy to repair yourself and the fact that it is Canadian made is a plus. Very easy to clean and my grand kids play on it with no problem. If I would of purchase a smooth product with a sheen I would of been disappointed no matter which brand. Maybe next time they should purchase hardwood from a store that can give them all the proper information and which floor to purchase depending on their lifestyle. All in all I would not hesitate to buy Sweet Memories from Mirage again.

Date created: 2016-05-13
Name: Irena
Location: Ridgeland, MS
Model: Nevada

Satisfaction Rating:
2 of 5 stars Somewhat Unsatisfied

"Red oak wears like softwood"
I had my entire house (except for bathrooms of course) redone with red oak Nevada finish Mirage flooring seven years ago. Traffic areas look terrible-the boards look gouged in the area where the grain of the wood shows. Yes, I have a large dog but my cheap wood floor that came with the house never nicked, scratched or gouged in the 12 years that I first lived in the house. (I had the floor redone downstairs due to rain leaking in and buckling an area of the floor and did the upstairs when I thought how nice the floor looked). I called Mirage and spoke to a rep. Told him the floor cost so much but wore terribly. He constantly argued that the term "wear" was "relative" and what did I expect? I said if I paid for a bmw, I wouldn't expect it to wear like a Yugo which was what my floor was doing. If I wanted soft wood instead of oak, I would have had it installed and put up with dents. Had the installer come in to take a look and seem unconcerned. Said I could spot areas with polyurethane to fix chips and nicks but would void warranty. I would look long and hard before buying this brand again. It is so soft that dropping a plastic ketchup bottle dented it. Is this because they use some "special method" to cut the wood on the bias?

Date created: 2016-04-17
Name: Carl Phinney
Location: North Scituate RI
Model: Maple Windsor

Satisfaction Rating:
1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"Poor Quality. Poor Customer Service. Stay Away from Mirage Floors!"
"Do not buy from mirage! Ever! Read before investing...." My wife and I bought about 500 sq feet of Mirage maple flooring from a local flooring company. This stuff was supposed to be the best! We have a small puppy..who we keep well groomed... A few days of installing the flooring, my wife and I noticed scratch marks all over our new flooring... We realized that our dog was causing the scratches on the floor... I Mean deep scratches... as well as surface scratches... We couldn't believe it!! Horrible! I mean a small puppy with short nails causing scratches in the flooring. We contacted our local guy... who got us in touch with a Mirage rep... What a waste of time... They came and looked at the floor well barely... and took a sample... Months later after weeks of chasing the rep and phone calls to Mirage cs... And our local distributor... we get a letter from Mirage which stated they don't cover scratches... Say what? So now what do we do... SOL... No warranty... Nothing! ...Don't buy from this company! :(

Date created: 2016-02-19
Name: Patricia Delattre
Location: State College, PA USA
Model: Engineered floating floor

Satisfaction Rating:
3 of 5 stars Neutral

"Short boards plus dents"
We just installed Mirage flooring in our kitchen. So far the bothersome thing is that the pieces were mostly short 14" pieces! We were quite unhappy that the pieces were not at least 36" long. We called and they said it was to allow for waste, but when you open a package and there is one piece 48" long, 3 pieces at 36 and the rest all 14 and 18", it starts to look like a parquet floor! I will let you know how it wears. I already have 2 dents from dropping a can just like my former pine floors in my last kitchen. Not a good sign considering this is oak!

Date created: 2016-02-03
Name: Darcy Billinkoff
Location: Vancouver

Satisfaction Rating:
1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"Beware of Mirage flooring"
Our rep talked us out of solid hardwood saying that the engineered flooring would hold up really well. Within a year the edges were chipping and the sheen was discolouring. When their reps tested the flooring they said there is nothing wrong with it, yet it splinters and shatters if the smallest object is dropped on it. The floor looks old, worn and very cheap and yet it cost us $30,000 to have it installed throughout our small house. Mirage has been of no help whatsoever. Do not buy their flooring if you are looking for a company that stands behind their product.

Date created: 2015-12-14
Name: Robin Burris
Location: Roswell ga
Model: African mahogony

Satisfaction Rating:
1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"Read before investing...."
After a fire in our home we consulted with flooring distributor of Mirage engineered wood floors vs traditional on site finishing of hardwood. She didn't hesitate to assure us of how durable and wear resistant the engineered floors would be. I asked more than once whether they were prone to scratching. Within one week, the floor was covered with unsightly scratches! Two years later, this so called durable finish looks awful and you would guess the floor had been down for 50 years. Do not get engineered semi gloss mirage hardwood! The rep came out and told us to buy area rugs after we made this huge investment in expensive hardwood floors! Then he suggested that I live with the scratches until we sell the house and have the floor refinished for the new owners! How can a company get away with selling these floors under any normal circumstances? What do we do now?

Date created: 2015-11-16
Name: J. Johnson
Location: Long Island, New York

Satisfaction Rating:
1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"Matching stain for stairs"
I am very happy with the pre-finished hardwood flooring. However, do not purchase the matching stain for stairs. It does not even come close to matching the pre-finished floor color. It is also very expensive compared to other stains. Mirage customer service was of no help. Told me I should have used a professional, which I did. Told me it is not for small areas, but on their website they specifically state that the matching stains are suitable for stair treads.

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