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South Texas Saltillo Connection Tile

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South Texas Saltillo Connection gives customers the option of choosing from several types of stone and also allows for custom orders.

Types of Tile

South Texas Saltillo Connection (STSC) imports Saltillo tile from a manufacturing facility in Mexico. Saltillo tile is the familiar terra cotta tile that varies in color from golden to red. The unique color patterns of the natural stone are what make Saltillo tile unique and beautiful.

South Texas Saltillo Connection offers customers three different varieties of Saltillo tile.

All three lines are reasonable choices for the homeowner. Manganese Saltillo has an added pigment to darken the color and Antique Saltillo tiles have been distressed to look aged. STSC also offers a porcelain tile:
This line of tile is hand-painted ceramic tile in intricate and colorful designs. The Superior tile features a high relief texture tile in the decorative designs. Talavera tiles can be used to create a rug pattern on the floor or for other decorative purposes.

Two additional types of stone tile available at South Texas Saltillo Connection are Cantera and travertine. Cantera stone is a soft stone that can be cut into floor tiles. The stone is originally formed from volcanic ash and silt. STSC carries travertine stone tiles, which are cut from harder stone. Travertine can be distinguished by veining throughout the stone.

Do-It-Yourself Resources

All of the above-mentioned tiles can be purchased sealed or unsealed. STSC recommends homeowners add an extra final coat of tile sealer, even if the tile has been previously sealed. The company sells several types of sealer. A non-slip version of sealer especially for outdoor tile is an option.


South Texas Saltillo Connection does not offer a specific warranty; Mexican tile is fragile and STSC recommends that buyers purchase ten to fifteen percent more tile than is estimated for the installation.

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