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Location: Vancouver, WA

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"pretty to look at hard to keep clean"
I installed saltillo tiles in the upstairs bathroom and entry way to my house about five years ago. I was impressed with the way they looked back then, and how they look when they are clean. However, the tiles are extremely porous and collect a lot of dirt and grime very quickly. The only way to clean them is with harsh chemicals (muriatic acid and industrial strength ammonia)which can be daunting and dangerous to humans and animals. They must also be treated with a finish to prevent coloring and stains on a consistent basis. I would probably not buy them again or recommend them for high traffic areas in a friends household, due to their need for constant stripping and refinishing and the chemicals needed to do so. They have overall been an investment that I had not considered when making the purchase and have been a cause of constant maintenance and time I could have devoted elsewhere.

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