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Cerypsa Tile Flooring

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Cerypsa Ceramicas has an extensive line of tile flooring that complements either contemporary or classic room settings. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are represented in the product lines for versatility. In general, porcelain tile is considered to have more durability than ceramic, which has a higher absorption rate and can be prone to extra chipping over time. With a dense, impervious composition, porcelain tiles do not absorb much water, making them better equipped for frost resistance and outdoor installations.

Residential settings that encounter low to moderate levels of traffic are normally appropriate for ceramic tiles, while porcelain is used in commercial applications as well. Based on the room, ceramic tile flooring might not be a preferred option, especially for areas that are exposed to increasingly hot or cold temperatures. For example, porches and walks would typically require tiles that can handle the climate changes, and any product needs to be checked for wear ratings and freezing capabilities before installing them in a place that could have a damaging result.

Despite the visual similarities of porcelain and ceramic, there is a difference that is somewhat noticeable. A full body porcelain tile has the same color throughout and it will not be as obvious when the surface chips. Usually, ceramic tiles are priced lower and made with red or white clay that can show if the top layer is scratched.

Cerypsa Porcelain and Ceramic Tile Flooring

The product lines of Cerypsa feature several variations of porcelain and ceramic, including either rustic or modern characteristics.

Care and Maintenance of Tile Flooring

Normal, regular dusting of tile floors will remove dirt and loose particles before applying a sealer. Only an approved cleaner for a specific floor should be used while mopping tiles.


Customers are encouraged to consult with a distributor or retail store about the exact protection that comes with each Cerypsa product.

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