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BHK Wood Floors

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Although its main emphasis is on laminate flooring, BHK also produces wood floors. These come in two main types: solid and engineered.

Solid Wood Floors

BHK's solid wood floors are mostly designed to look older and well used. They are all available with different finishes and in different widths.

BHK sells four different varieties of solid wood floor. The simplest is oak wood, which is distressed, or prepared to look old while retaining its structural integrity. Aged oak flooring is available under the ELKA brand. BHK also sells Tuscan brand floors, which are mostly lacquered, and Boen floors, which it suggests are good for creating a natural feeling in a room.

What Is Engineered Wood?

Engineered floors have a single layer of wood on top, chosen because it looks and feels nice. This wood is backed by a varied wood composite, which serves a more functional purpose.

A common use for engineered wood is above heated sub-floors. The backing of the engineered wood can sustain the effects of heat in a situation that might damage a single solid wood. Engineered wood also functions better in areas with high or variable humidity.

BHK's Engineered Wood Floors

BHK sells wood floors produced by ELKA, Kensington, and Boen. All three types of engineered wood are designed to weather more extreme conditions than solid wood.

The Kensington engineered wood is topped with 4mm of real wood. This top layer can be safely and repeatedly sanded to maintain its original look. The Kensington wood also uses Uniclic joints, which makes the floor relatively simple and fast to install without glue.

The Elka engineered wood is available in multiple depths. All three products can be purchased in different colors and in different widths.

BHK offers other engineered wood floors at very inexpensive prices. These usually do not have many special features, but they do have the qualities that make engineered wood generally attractive.

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