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Location: Covina, CA

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"Happy Shiny Tile"
I wasn't to tell you about my Merola Tile that I have installed in my cabin bathroom. I put it in last year when both my houses were going through remodeling. I decided to put the tile in my bathroom so I went with the chessboard pattern. I believe the model number is FKOMCB1. Installing the tile is pretty easy, they recommend using a thin set mortar. I love the look on my floor because it is very modern looking. It is a glazed tile so you might have a little issue with it getting wet and you slipping. I know you normally shouldn't use it in the bathroom for this reason but I like the look. You can use this tile outside if you wanted to because its frost proof. Over the year of having the tile, I have noticed no issues with it. There have been no cracking that I was worried about. The bad thing about the tile is there is no warranty for the tile since it is glass. I understand but I wish it had at least a wear warranty. If you asked me if I would buy this tile, I would tell you yes. It is a very good tile that looks great.

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