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DuPont's Synthetic Floors

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What Laminate Flooring does DuPont™ Market?

DuPont's manufactured floors come in wood, stone, and slate. The wood styles include cherry, maple, pearwood, hickory, oak, and pine. The stone flooring includes Tuscan and ivory porcelain styles. The slate products include alabaster, cobalt, and multicolored products. The laminate floor styles utilize several DuPont-registered features:

  • Embossed-In-Register®, an embossed surface texture over underlying patterns which DuPont says provides greater traction and improved slip resistance.
  • Joint Guard®, a glueless locking system.
  • Comfort Underlayment, pre-attached underlayment that reduces noise and eliminates one step of the installation process. (Not available in Canada.)
  • InterPlank Design®, allowing for visually continuous wood grain effect.
  • LongStrip, allowing one wood strip to run up to 18 feet before the pattern breaks.
  • MicroBevel®, embosses the lines between wood strips on multi-strip planks, which allows for subtle indents between wood strips.
  • DuPont's Multi-DirectionDesign™, provides a continuous stone pattern (in the Tuscan Stone) that is seamless between planks in both directions.
  • Each of the features is geared toward creating a "more natural, realistic-looking floor in a more durable material."

Do it Yourself Instructions

DuPont provides homeowners with online instructions on how to install laminate flooring. Both printable and video instructions include basic installation guidance on moisture and subfloor preparation and how to properly prepare and install planks. Special attention is paid to laying flooring at the doorjam juncture. For do-it-yourselfers, DuPont also recommends a separately sold laminate installation kit.

Environmental Considerations

DuPont's laminate flooring is certified for low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) by GREENGUARD Environmental Institute. DuPont states the certification means the DuPont Real Touch® Laminate has reduced impact on the indoor air quality within a home. In addition the company says: "Poor indoor air quality degrades the quality of life for building occupants and homeowners and can trigger respiratory problems, such as asthma. Chemical emissions from common interior products are a major contributor of indoor pollution. Choosing low emitting products significantly reduce the level of irritating contaminates in the indoor air. "

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