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"To Berber Or Not To Berber"
We built our house in 2006 and part of the process was to select carpet styles. We had built a house in 2001 and wanted to upgrade from the basic plush we had in the other house. When we asked the builder for upgrade options he offered a much thicker pad and then a Berber carpet. We chose to go with a mix of a tan Berber made by Starlight. We had this carpet installed throughout our whole house. I liked the way it looked the visual appeal was great. The colors worked well with my house. Unfortunately soon after moving in we discovered some flaws with the carpet. First the loops came up on several parts of the flooring. The first few times the carpet company sent someone out to fix this. He essentially just clipped it with scissors and used hot glue to glue the frayed end down. The second thing we discovered that we weren't so happy about was how easily it shows dirt and stain. I was under the impression that Berber hid stains better than plus but I don't know that I agree anymore. Any spills or stains show. I was able to carpet clean with my own SteamVac and remove the stains but it was a slow process. I really was hoping my Berber would hide stains like the Berber in my parents' house. It certainly does not. We have been here four years and are looking about replacing the carpet in the next year or so. It is unfortunate because we paid for really nice padding. We did discover later that the price of this particular carpet is only about seventy five cents a square foot. That is not exactly what we thought we were getting when we paid to upgrade the plush carpet, I think it may have been cheaper than the plush. I would not recommend this specific Berber to anyone planning to live in a house long term.

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