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Location: El Paso, TX

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"Interesting pattern, comfortable fabric"
I have owned this carpet for three months, given to me as a gift by my Grandmother. I like the interesting colors and pattern - unlike regular carpets, the carpet is raised in squares and lowered in other squares as well. When you step on the carpet, it feels like you're sinking into soft hardtop, except that it has less strength and feels soft and mushy under your feet, which is what I like in a carpet. It is perfect with an autumn-based setup. The problem with it is I tend to trip over the grooves of the carpet sometimes - I sometimes scuff my feet in the morning and get a light toe stub. But sometimes, for some odd reason, I scuff across the carpet in sneakers and trip over the carpet. I can't tell if it's because the carpet bunches up or because of the way it was laid down in my living room, but I've learned never to scuff my shoes across the carpet ever again. I have never needed to repair or replace the rug. I definitely would buy this rug again (though not at $3,500) or recommend it to a friend (if they have $3,500 to spend on overly elaborate carpets that they might trip over).

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