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Location: Spartanburg, SC

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"Ikea Carpet That Looks Like an Oriental Carpet"
Four years ago, when I was a graduate student, I went to Ikea to furnish my new apartment. One of the items I bought, and one of the only items I still have (indeed, took with me from Cambridge, MA to Spartanburg, SC) was a 8'x6' Oriental-style rug. It's a lovely rug, with rich reds and blues, but I was initially skeptical because it was made from latex. That's right, latex. I had a hard to believing it, because it was so soft. At the time, though, I was looking for an inexpensive area rug, and I sort of liked the idea of having a latex rug to show off to my friends, so I bought it. What a great decision! The rug looks beautiful in my living room. It looks great after four years. People comment on it all the time, and are shocked when they learn it's made from latex. I'd recommend these rugs to everyone. I have one caveat, though. In the center of my rug, there is rough patch that I caused when I set down a pot filled with stovetop-popped popcorn. The bottom of the bot melted the latex, and I had to rip it off. If you look under the coffee table I used to hide it, you can see a dim dark circle. But as long as you don't put anything hot on your latex rug (or do something worse, like iron clothes on), you'll be fine.

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