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"Stain-Resistant Flor Carpet Tiles"
About two years ago, my husband and I decided it was time to get rid of the old carpeting that was in our house since the mid '90s, so we had to decide which brand to go with. We have two young children, so stain resistance was our first priority. After that, we wanted something that was stylish and comfortable. My husband likes to think he's a handyman, so we needed something that we could install ourselves. We went to the local carpeting warehouse, and the employee suggested the perfect thing. He said that Flor brand carpeting would be our best bet. He said that it's stain resistant, easy to install, comfortable to walk on and it comes in every style you could want! We purchased enough for our living room and dining room, and let's just say that the employee was right on all counts! We went with a light tan color with a basket weave pattern. It matches our curtains beautifully. It comes in easy-to-install tiles, so my husband and one of his friends were able to carpet both rooms in about 5 hours, iced tea breaks included! It's been about two years since we've bought the carpet, and despite several mishaps involving some spilled juice boxes, there are no visible stains. In fact, we love our carpeting so much that we've decided to install new carpeting in all our bedrooms and our basement when we finish it. I would highly recommend Flor carpeting to anyone who is looking for something elegant, yet stain resistant for their home.

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