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Location: North Brunswick, NJ

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"Mountain Valley Carpet Review"
I bought the Mountain Valley Frieze carpet line for my home about 9 months ago and have experienced many different problems during this time with maintenance and structure deterioration. Even though this carpet is probably not the best to own with a dog, the threads on this carpet seem to continuously rip off making the appearance very poor over a couple of months. If I did not buy this carpet in brown, it would be very noticeable and would need to be replaced at this point. One of the things that I did like about it is the actual feel and texture while sitting on it. This was a decent upgrade to the wood floors that we originally had and is comfortable to sit on while watching television. I would only recommend this product to a friend who did not own any pets and was putting this carpet in a room that was for display and not for use as the wear and tear really gets to this model. Good luck on your search!

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