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Date created: 2010-12-03 Location: Gaithersburg, MD

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5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

"Bamboo Floors"
I have owned my bamboo floors for about 5 years now. I got them installed in the basement as soon as I bought the house. I like that bamboo is warm in the winter, and rarely gets cold, if ever. Also, it doesn't crack, and is very durable, even if it hollow underneath. I don't dislike anything about them. 2 years ago I had to repair the floor because my basement flooded and the bamboo got ruined. The part that had to be repaired was 3x3 feet. The repair went smoothly, even though I did it by myself. For the repair I used the same brand of bamboo flooring: Yanchi, because after re comparing with all the other brands out there, it was still the best with the best quality and durable bamboo flooring out there. I got my money's worth out of the purchase, and I am very happy with my floor. I would by the same brand again, and recommend it to a friend.

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