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Location: Ducan, AZ

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"Good Cheap Wood, Love it to death"
I would love to tell you all about my floors that I have installed myself in my apartment. I installed the floor about a year ago after seeing a decent sale for the wood on amazon. The company that makes the flooring is Teka Parquet. It's a off brand but it seemed pretty good for the price. The flooring is sold in 9 sq foot cartons, which is small but it could be smaller. I think I paid around 35 bucks for each carton. Installing it went very very fast. I decided to get the flooring after hating my floors in my place. Since you can install the wood as a floating floor. You can install it in your apartment and take it up when your lease is up. You don't have to worry about damaging the floor below. You will have to tack it down around the edges to keep it down, but nothing hard. Over the year or so, I have had a couple pop ups of the wood due to expansion. I just popped it back in place with a rubber mallet, nothing major. The wood is hard to hurt because its engineered wood. I like this because I have a dog and I was worried his nails would mess up the place. I really don't have much bad to say about the wood except the pop ups. I would tell anyone to buy this stuff since it was so cheap, but well built.

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