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Location: Ashburn, VA
Model: RE44020PM75

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"My contractor helped us pick the best wood flooring!"
We had these floors installed two years ago. We spent several days looking at different samples of flooring, and finally settled on the Robina Natural Red-Oak High Gloss. The dimensions of each board are 4' X 3.5" X 3/8" T. We had considered maple or bamboo, but our contractor assured us that oak would be a better choice because it is harder and less likely to scratch or dent. Originally we looked at the white oak, but decided on the red oak; I love the color, it has a subtle pink undertone. We had the wood floors installed in our foyer, living room, dining room, and my husband's first floor office. The floors give our rooms a bright, clean look. My contractor told me to use plain water to clean the floors. I followed his advice and the floors have retained their shine. I watch my grandchildren and the floors have held up well despite frequent spills. His advice about choosing oak has also been good since I let my grandchildren ride their tricycles in the house. Despite this, the floors don't have dent marks. Everyone who comes to visit admires my floors. I would recommend the Robina Natural Red-Oak to anyone.

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