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Location: Bangor, ME

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"Not Recommended"
I have Pine floors installed in my entire downstairs back in 2003. They look beautiful at first because I went with the wide boards and a thick coating of shine. My husband and I were satisfied with these floors for about 6 months until we noticed that they dented with everything we did. If I walked across them in heals they dented. If we dropped the remote control, they dented. We have only owned these floors for 7 years and they already need to be refinished and that still won't take out all the dents and scratches. We have not had any repair done yet because we were quoted $1500. I think they look beautiful but would not ever buy or recommend them because they have zero durrability. I would not buy pergo because I think they look fake but maybe would go with Bamboo because it's consitered more green. I don't know if they come in the wide boards though.

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