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"Boral Timber wood flooring review"
I purchased Boral Timber hardwood flooring going on four years now. Never before owning hardwood floors I was apprehensive at first about the maintenance and the durability, but I bought it never the less because of its sheer elegance and beauty. The Pros to my Boral Timber wood floors are that they have made a name for themselves being a little bit less expensive than some of the other brands. Also, at least in the Alpine Ash wood, the grains the used in their flooring I liked better than some of the other brands. The only cons I have about the Boral Timber flooring is that wood is hard to seal; however, this is true of every wood floor on the market. Also, my cat ran and put a long scratch in one of the panels. I don't have another brand to compare durability with, but I would have hoped that wouldn't have happened. The good news is it has needed no repairs, and other than the long scratch it has showed no other issues. If I had to do it again I am fairly certain I would buy Boral Timber brand again, and I wouldn't have a problem recommending it to a friend.

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