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"We're extremely happy with our bamboo floor choice"
We've had an Ambient bamboo floor for almost three years now, and we are extremely happy with it. We first looked into bamboo flooring because we wanted top make a socially conscious choice - we wanted to use a product that was sustainable and didn't contribute to the destruction of hardwood forests. Bamboo seemed like a good option, because it grows extremely fast and it's grown especially for production use. As we did a little more research, we learned that this flooring is supposed to be resistant to termites and harder than oak flooring. I don't know if that's true or not, because I don't have an oak floor to compare it to, but I can say that we have had ours down for almost three years and haven't had any scuffing or denting issues. We don't take any special care with it. We treat it just like any other floor. It gets walked on by tennis shoes, dress shoes, high heels, two cats and a 120 pound dog on a regular basis without any issues. We installed the flooring ourselves and it was not difficult to do. Several styles are available by Ambient, including one that clicks together without glue or nails. Can't speak to that one, because we bought the "classic" style and put it in with a kick-board and a nail gun. We liked the classic style because the individual segments of the bamboo are really apparent, and we thought it looked more natural than the other styles. We shopped around quite a bit on pricing, too. Although we bought the Ambient brand, we didn't buy it from Ambient. We found a tremendous deal on some non-standard lengths at one of these disount flooring places online. Because we bought over a certain square footage, we got a big discount on the shipping - and we also shipped it to my workplace, instead of to a residence. That also made a big difference in the shipping rate. The semi came to my workplacve and I loaded the flooring into my pickup truck in the parking lot!

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