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SnapStone Tile

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SnapStone design allows porcelain tile to be interlocked together before grouting and can therefore be easier to install than regular porcelain tile, according to the company.

SnapStone Products

SnapStone tile comes in twelve colors that range from the almost-white "Mist" to "Moss", a grayish-green color. All twelve colors are available in a 12"x12" size. "Moss", "Nutmeg", and "Rosso" can also be purchased in a 6"x6" size. The smaller and larger tile can be combined for custom design options.

SnapStone grout comes in six colors to coordinate with the tile. The grout is flexible in order to work with the floating tile floor system.

ColorFast Industries has created colored caulk in five colors to match SnapStone tile and grout. SnapStone offers a link on their website to order the caulk.

Do-It-Yourself Resources

SnapStone targets the do-it-yourself market with the SnapStone website. Consumers can watch videos that address every step of the installation process. Frequently asked questions are covered and a forum for posting customer questions even exists. The forum covers many topics and customers can write in specific questions for other customers and the company to answer.

SnapStone provides a room planner feature on the website and a virtual showroom as well. Buyers can order samples if they want to be sure about the color. Customers can also use the website to find local dealers.


SnapStone provides a ten-year limited warranty for tile. The warranty provides for full coverage for one year, and then the replacement value is on sliding scale for the remainder of the ten-year period. The warranty is non-transferable if the customer sells his or her home. Limitations to the warranty include proper care and maintenance, and proper tile installation.

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