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"Re-tiling My Kitchen sith Novalis Vinyl Floor Tiles"
Last Spring I took a good look at my kitchen tile and realized it was time to freshen the room up with some replacement tiles. I live in a rented apartment and have been here for a long time. It is a pretty small kitchen with a walk-in pantry and sink area so I knew I could do this project by myself quite easily. I went to Lowe's and looked over their selection of vinyl 12" x 12" tiles. I found a nice traditional looking pattern by Novalis with a five year limited warranty. It is sort of ivory & brown in color with two aspects I liked: an internal square line mimicking the overall shape of the tile and a "faux" grout line so it looks like it is a continuous tile job when the individual tiles are laid. I followed the instructions after thoroughly cleaning the existing tile which had been there for several decades (the building itself is about 100 years old). I ended up spending probably five hours on the project, peeling and sticking the individual tiles and making sure they adhered well. The process was quite easy and moved quickly. The last stage involved was to cut the titles that needed to hit the exterior walls of the room. These tiles cut easily with scissors, a straight edge and a box cutter. Once done, I did a caulk around the border of the room making sure everything adhered nicely in place. Overall, the tile laid well and looked great (although this particularly style was a little more glossy than I had originally planned on). These were also very cheap. I would say about 49 cents a tile. They were thin, which was an important selling point to me as I was laying them on existing tile and I didn't want them to be too high for the doors that open up into the kitchen. As to wear, it has been excellent and these clean up easily with Formula 409 and a paper towel, never losing their glossiness. I haven't had to buy any replacements as I bought them six months with the initial order. I would definitely recommend this brand as a no-hassle tile choice.

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