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Location: Miami, FL

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"My Travertine look-alike Tile"
I've owned my tile floor for 7 months now. I bought a house and it previously had all carpet floors. I really don't like carpet floors so I decided as soon as I bought the house that the floors were going to be changed to tiles. I like color and look of my tiles. They are porcelain, but they have a design making it look like it's a travertine tile. I also like the fact that it was installed in a diamond pattern. I have no complains about the tile at the moment, its made from a very solid construction, and looks great installed. Thankfully, I have never had any problem or need to repair or replace any one of the tiles. I would definitely buy again this type of tile from the same manufacturer. I have already recommended this product to various people who are just as satisfied as I am with the product.

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