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Location: Fort Mill, SC

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"Crappy Laminate Flooring"
Two years ago I purchased the supplies to take out the carpet from my dining room and replace them with SwiftLock Natural Oak / Smooth High Gloss Finish Laminate Flooring from Lowes Home Improvement store. At first I loved them. Installation was quite easy, and I had never done any flooring before. They looked wonderful, many people thought it was real wood. They were shiny, new, and quite inexpensive. Fast forward about 3 months down the road, and now it's a different story. The floors have peeled up in some places, and chipped in others. Gaps have even come up in some spots. They are not very resistant to water and they almost look wilted. I have not repaired them yet, but I plan on completely taking them up and replacing them with something better. I would never buy this flooring again and I would not recommend them to even my worst enemy.

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