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Date created: 2011-01-31 Location: Ocala, FL

Satisfaction Rating:
5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

"EasyLock II by Kronotex laminate wood floor - thumbs up!"
To replace the scuzzy carpet that came with my living room, I got EasyLock II by Kronotex laminate wood flooring, which I bought at Lowe's. After reading about it and hearing about how easy it was to put together, I decided it was the right floor for me. Before I bought it, I got a few samples of different colors to figure out which color best suited my furniture. I decided on Williamsburg Cherry (it is not really a cherry color, more of a rich red oak). I even soaked the sample piece of laminate in a bowl of water to see how long it would take before it was ruined. It actually was able to be submersed for several hours before it swelled up! I have a large aquarium so it was important to me that a little water spill would not immediately ruin the floor. My handy friend was able to do it in a day using his cordless Jigsaw and a Shop Vac (this is very important to clean up the sawdust, there will be a lot of it). I love everything about this floor. It is beautiful and easy to clean - use a sponge mop with Murphy's Oil Soap for best results. The ONE complaint I have is that the quarter round that they sell for this wood flooring is VERY expensive and is made of really crappy materials. It is just sawdust particles with a veneer of wood that matches perfectly the color of the laminate. For the convenience of the color matching, you pay almost $7 per piece...this is WAY MORE than the generic colors which run about $3-4. Also, the generic colored quarter round is made with foam, which is much less likely to swell up from exposure to water (a big plus for me). I have never had to repair or replace any part of this flooring, even when I had a minor flood due to an aquarium leak. I found it in time and used a Shop Vac to clean it up - no problems at all. The part of the floor that was in the spot of water may have turned up ever so slightly at the edges, but that's it. I can't tell from looking at it, it just feels like it when you run your hand over it. I would definitely recommend this brand to anyone. I have had it for 3 years now with no problems at all. Don't go with the super cheap Darlington Oak, not only is the color a little ugly and fake looking, it is made of inferior material. My friend has this wood in her formal dining room and it breaks very easily, she dropped a heavy China dish on it and chipped it (the wood that is). I have dropped all sorts of things, including a hammer from the ceiling, and it has never hurt it. There is only a little scratch where the hammer fell. That's it!

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