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"Bamboo Flooring Is The Way To Go"
Bought this flooring after a review on consumer reports and have to say that I am completely satisfied with it after 2 months, even though there was some sticker shock when I initially saw the price. Our home was built with wood flooring by Bruce when we took ownership of it in 1999, and that wood didn't last more than 6 months due to traffic, dogs, and everyday wear and tear. This stuff is amazing, it floated down easily over the sub-floor and locked perfectly into place. No noise, no warping, no bouncing effect which you would expect from floating a hardwood floor. Yes, it isn't true hardwood as it is man-made from pressed bamboo, but the look and durability makes up for the loss of "status" of not owning "true" hardwood. I've dropped cans of soup and pots and pans without making a dent on these floors, not to mention they are extremely water resistant. All in all, A+ purchase and I highly recommend. Be warned, you have to special order this, not all bamboo is the same, the stuff at Home Depot is made in China and I have friends who went down that road as it was cheaper by $2 per sq/ft and they are suffering for it.

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