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Pergo Laminate Flooring

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Flooring Lines Available from Pergo

Pergo offers several collections of laminated wood flooring including the Accolade, Casual Living, and Prestige Exotics lines. Pine, oak, and beech are available as well as exotic woods such as bamboo, mahogany, and cherry. Depending on the collection selected, there are up to 29 colors and a variety of stone or wood to choose from.

Maintenance of Pergo Floors

Laminate floors should not be waxed, polished, or refinished. A mixture of water and vinegar (or ammonia) is good for treating stains, or consumers may purchase cleaning products made especially for laminate flooring. Small chips and dents can be repaired using color-coordinated Pergo Finishing Putty. Larger damaged areas should be replaced with new planks.

DIY Resources

Laminate flooring is reasonably easy to install for the do-it-yourselfer and many homeowners select the product based, in part, on the cost savings that come with self-installation. Pergo's flooring offers tongue and groove construction with planks that click together for a smooth surface.

Pergo offers project planners and how-to instructions. The planner invites decorators to select various flooring products to see how they would look in a chosen room. The company also provides installation instructions as well as an "Essential Guide" to laminate flooring. These include recommendations for creating the ideal installation conditions, installation instructions, and illustrations detailing the steps to complete the job.

Problems Reported with Pergo Laminate Flooring

Consumers have complained about buckling in Pergo floors which may be caused by moisture. A moisture barrier must be installed prior to laying the laminate floor but homeowners who had this done have also complained about problems with buckling at the seams. A class action lawsuit claiming that Pergo sold defective flooring in the 1990s was decided in favor of the complainants in 2009.

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