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South Dakota Flooring Contractors

Installing a new floor doesn't have to be a daunting task. A good professional flooring contractor offers years of experience to any flooring project. Hiring the right contractor for the job may help save labor, time, and money.

Licensing in South Dakota

South Dakota does not require contractors to carry a state issued license, but all businesses must register through the South Dakota Secretary of State's office. Contractors must submit the proper application indicating their area of expertise, an application fee, and the appointed head of the company.

Legal Issues and Complaints

The Attorney General's Office suggests attempting to settle disputes with the contractor before filing an official complaint with the Consumer Protection Division. Consumers should only file a complaint after giving the contractor an appropriate amount of time to time correct the issues.

If the parties cannot resolve the issue, a complaint form can be submitted on-line or mailed along with any additional supporting information, such as contracts, canceled checks, or bills.

An investigator will research the complaint by contacting both parties for more information. If it is an appropriate claim for the Division to handle, the business is given 20 days to reply or resolve the complaint. If the contractor does not comply with the request and no resolution is reached, consumers may need to take private legal action in a Small Claims Court.

Consumer Protection

The Deceptive Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Division has several statutes in place to protect consumers from fraudulent or deceitful business practices. Consumers who have been negatively affected by deceitful or unlawful business practices from a contractor have the right to bring civil action for the damaged caused.

Under the deceptive acts or practices statute, any contractor advertising services under false pretenses or misleading consumers is classified as a Class 2 misdemeanor. Repeat offenders within two years will receive a Class 1 misdemeanor and further offense will be a felony.

Homeowners also reserve the right to cancel a contract signed at their residence within three days of the agreement. If a seller does not inform the buyer of this right, it is considered a deceitful act and in violation of the law.

South Dakota's Native Flooring Materials

While South Dakota does manufacture hardwood products, its forest are rich in softwood timber. A majority of the products from South Dakota's forests are softwood harvested in the western part of the state. From there, the wood travels to either a saw mill, post mill, or cabin mill for the production of wood planks, floors, paper products, and other various products.

South Dakota's forestry industry plays an essential role in the state's economy. The industry accounts for 4.6 percent of the state's manufacturing economy and employs approximately 4,000 workers.

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